The 1970s are still very much in style, from the red carpet to fashion week. The 70s fashion trends are making a strong comeback for the end of the year. Let’s explore why 70s disco party outfits and makeup are loved by so many people and still have influence in nowadays fashion. 

Disco - 70s fashion trends

The disco craze in 2022 is back in the art village, from the music video scene to the fashion catwalks. Every disco trend from the 1970s, like bouncy hair that bounces to the music and sparkly attire, is still in style in the beauty industry. People in flared pants are all over TikTok, crossing around the most distinguishable disco-era beauty motifs. Continually looking to the music of the 1970s for inspiration, stars like Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, and Doja Cat only served to enhance the disco era's appeal.

Who were the fashion icons of the 1970s?

To understand disco style, an important starting point identifies the original symbols that have paved the way for generations to come and perpetuate the style's appeal.

Donna Summer: Queen of disco music. Not only causing nostalgia with floating curls, but the colorful makeup style and elaborate costumes are also an endless source of inspiration. Today, her music is still heard everywhere. For example, the song I Feel Love appeared in the fashion advertising campaign of Saint Laurent. The most recent album from Beyoncé features Donna Summer's artwork as well.

Disco group ABBA: The phenomenon that emerged from Sweden is one of the most successful music groups globally in the 20th century. The group's songs Happy New Year, Mamma Mia, Money Money, etc are still widely played around the world. ABBA helped spread the 1970s fashion trends like goofy bangs, permed hair, and colorful eye makeup.

Cher and Elton John are still on the charts today, but their eras alone were enough to inspire John Travolta's hit book Saturday Night Fever.

Young stars fueling love with 70s fashion trends

Besides original icons, many younger stars, such as Doja Cat and Harry Styles, also love disco music and thus spread the 1970s dress and makeup style. Doja Cat has versions of slick, 70s-inspired music, with the Say So video reaching over 400 million views globally. And Harry Styles, along with the handshakes with Gucci, always dressed as if he just stepped out of a music video of the decade.

Most recently, it would be remiss not to mention Beyoncé's recently released Renaissance. This album has had an impact on fashion, beauty, and music in general. Notably, Beyoncé's images and songs refer to disco music openly, but always through an entirely new futuristic lens.

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70s fashion trends on make-up

The makeup and hairstyle of the 1970s are very suitable for year-end parties. As the disco trend is making a strong comeback, applying this decade's beauty styles will help you become super trendy at year-end parties.

1. Use colorful eyeshadow

The easiest way to do 1970s disco makeup? A layer of bright pink, blue, orange, and purple eyeshadow. At Tory Burch's Spring/Summer 2023 show, the models' eyelids were transformed into glittering iridescent-like disco balls.

Remember that if your eyes are already shining, keep your lips in a soft and glossy nude state.

2. Metallic lips

Don't like striking eyeshadow? Then, make up your eyes with impressive eyeliner and then use a shimmery lip color, glitter instead. This is Beyoncé's method. During the Renaissance album recording, her make-up artist applied a ton-sur-ton platinum lipstick with her pleated skirt and giant disco ball backdrop.

You can use a little highlighter for the face, cheeks, eyebrows, and midline to create balance when applying lip color with shimmer.

3. Puffy curly hair

Talking about 70s fashion trends, in those days, hairstyles were more about dramatic shapes and volume. Therefore, you can magnify the curls with the help of a curling iron. Small curls and light curls in the middle are two styles for you to successfully describe disco beauty.

4. Butterfly blush

Bold blushing – or rather contouring your face with blusher – was a popular makeup technique in the 70s. It's a great way to sculpt your face instead of contouring. Moreover, it can combine monochromatic make-up in sync with the eyes and lips. Take for example Tessa Thompson's berry-toned makeup look at the 2022 Met Gala.

5. Disco-style nail art

To fully embody the 70s fashion trends, let’s complete the look with dramatic glitter nail polish. Just like disco hairstyles and makeup, the best nail designs of the 1970s parties were all about self-expression and fun. A shimmery finish with glittery, metallic, chrome, and foil nails are all quick ways to spark a disco vibe, along with longer oval or pointed nails.